Star Cruise

Cruise with us on the Kalamazoo River and Lake Michigan for a Great Photo Opportunity. Sign Up Now

Among the highlights of a visit to Saugatuck is a sunset cruise on the Star of Saugatuck.

With your camera in hand and renowned photographer, James Cook, as your guide, it’s also an inspirational learning opportunity for any photographer.

The sternwheeler goes up, then down, the Kalamazoo River and onto Lake Michigan as the sun nears the horizon. While dramatic sunsets are always desirable, every kind of weather provides photo opportunities.

Along the river, there are houses, boats and people. Talmadge Woods, Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area and Oval Beach offer landscapes and wildlife. There’s the Star itself, the people and objects. Then there’s the big lake with the sky, the water, boats, beaches and dunes. It all comes down to your eye and the ability to apply your camera’s capabilities.

An hour before boarding time, James Cook opens with a pre-cruise meeting at Wicks Park to discuss the considerations in shooting from a moving boat and under changing light levels. He'll cover techniques that you'll be able to put to work almost immediately. Then, during the 90 minute cruise, you have Jim as your consultant, to coach and inspire you and to help you with any technical challenges.

Join us on Sunday, August 10, 2014
7 PM at Wicks Park
8 PM on The Star

Weather date, one week later, August 17, 2014.

$25 per Participant plus Star fare of $19*
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*We can reserve a spot on the Star for you but it's necessary for you to purchase your fare for the Star separately, at the Star's facilities. Non-participating friends or family members are welcome to come along for the ride at the established Star rates.