Everyone participates in photography to some degree; as the photographer, subject or viewer. It's in our lives.

We're visual creatures and photographic images play a major role as sources of information and inspiration.

It's fun and exciting to share our vision and the thing that's especially exciting about photography is that anyone can do it. Yet few of us feel that we're expressing ourselves as well as we could and there are always new ideas and fresh views to be shared.

The Saugatuck Photographic Workshops provides the vehicle through which we share our passion for photography. If you're in Saugatuck for a brief visit, or an extended one, consider a personal tutoring session or a "walk-around" camera lesson.

Our mission is to encourage and foster the creative and technical expertise necessary to see, capture and preserve individual vision. We want it to be as fun and rewarding for you as it is for us.

Come on in! Join us in discovering new ways to see and capture the visual world around us.


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