The classes listed below are offered periodically throughout our seasonal schedules. They also serve as an a la carte guide of possible topics for those planning personal tutoring sessions or speaking engagements.

Introduction to Digital Photography

Anyone with a Digital SLR camera set on Auto can take a picture, just as anyone with a can opener and a stove can cook. If your creative appetite is ready for more, this workshop takes the intimidation out of using your DSLR so you can be free to pursue your vision.

Whether you're an absolute beginner or are in need of a good refresher on DSLR basics, this entry level workshop is designed to teach you how to change and apply the principle settings of your DSLR.


SS Badger sailing past Luddington lighthouse

Beyond the Basics of Digital Photography

You know how to change shutter speeds, aperture and shooting modes on your DSLR. Now you want to know more about when and why to choose one over another.

This workshop teaches you to evaluate situations, consider the desired results and to confidently apply the controls and creativity necessary to achieve them.


Digital Photography PDQ

This fast paced workshop starts as an afternoon in the classroom with a review of camera controls and functions and a discussion of light, color and composition. After a dinner break, the workshop resumes at Oval Beach where we shoot until the sun goes down.

This is the perfect workshop to refine your digital skills and your photographic eye under professional guidance.


Seeing Things

Have you noticed that some photographers seem to show a consistent ability to turn ordinary scenes into exceptional images? Creating great images is the result of seeing them in the first place.

Join as for a workshop on observation, visualization and composition aimed at getting your creative juices flowing.


classic sunset

Photographing People

What do we take more pictures of than our friends and family? Knowing how to pose your subjects or how to capture them when they're not posing can make all the difference in your satisfaction and theirs.

This mostly non-technical workshop teaches you how to make the most of any situation for better people photos.


Introduction to Photoshop

Few images come out of the camera, ready for the world. Even the best images often benefit from just cropping and straightening. And what about those times when the exposure or color are off by just a bit?

This workshop covers the most commonly used Photoshop tools, teaching you a simple workflow to fit just about every image for basic corrections and enhancements.


Lightroom Essentials

Adobe Lightroom offers photographers of all levels the power and productivity of a managing, editing and photo-sharing tool that is second to none!

This workshop will cover two of the most powerful Lightroom modules; the Library module and the Develop module.


Boost Your Megapixels

How often have you wished that your camera had a bigger sensor or that your widest lens was a whole lot wider? There's no reason to let yourself be limited by your existing gear. In this class you'll learn how to shoot and combine multiple images to effectively create larger images and/or expanded views.


panoramic view of the denison property

Tone Mapping & HDR

We've all experienced the disappointment when an image just doesn't have the range of tones that we perceived as we pressed the shutter button. The camera simply cannot capture the expansive range of tones seen by the human eye, in a single exposure.

In this class you will be introduced to how the tonal range of a single image can be expanded as well as how to shoot and combine multiple images to create true HDR (High Dynamic Range) images.


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