Public Speaking

Instructor: James Cook

Whether it's for a camera oriented gathering or any other group looking for an interesting program, James Cook is ready and capable to give your group an exceptional presentation.

Jim is well experienced in large group presentations. He has often spoken at national photographic conferences in the US and Canada (* ASMP, CAPIC, PDN) and appeared as the featured guest at more than 30 ASMP chapter programs and a number of regional and local camera clubs.

Available Presentations - (In addition to our listed Workshops)

Wounded Knee
For the better part of a decade, James Cook visited Wounded Knee, South Dakota, a community that has consistently been identified by the US Census as the poorest in the country. Working his way into the homes and lives of the people there, he created an extensive photo documentary about life on the reservation. It began as story on poverty and despair but evolved into a photo essay about hope and pride in a storied heritage. The personal endeavor eventually caught the attention of PBS which sent a film crew to cover Cook at work and gave it fifteen minutes in a nationally broadcast special.

On the centennial of the infamous massacre at Wounded Knee, in blowing snow and wind-chill around fifty degrees below zero, Cook photographed more than 350 mounted riders as they retraced the historic route of Big Foot and his people. The resulting photograph has found its way to the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute for display in the National Museum of the American Indian as well as on a national tour in the Smithsonian's Song of a Horse Nation exhibit.

Cook will present a selection of his Wounded Knee photographs while discussing the personal and photographic challenges, some of his applied photo techniques, and the development and pursuit of an objective.


Weather and Photography
Weather affects our lives every day; overwhelming us at times and awing us at other times. It's among our most popular topics for discussion and one of our most closely watched news items. Every photograph taken out of doors is affected by the weather but we tend to be out and about with our cameras when the weather is on its best behavior. Weather can contribute to some of the most intriguing and dramatic images whether we depict the weather itself or its effect on our subjects. You don't need to become a storm chaser in order to make more use of the weather in your photography. Just knowing some simple methods on how to deal with - and utilize - varying conditions can greatly enhance your results.

In addition to demonstrating the weather as a subject and a visual enhancement, Jim turns to weather as an environment in which we and our equipment need to be properly prepared and protected. Even in the best of weather, protecting yourself and your equipment is important. In the worst of weather it's the number one priority. Jim goes through his personal checklist of items that are routinely packed in his camera bag and then those that are specialized for less than common conditions. No matter if you prefer to remain a fair weather photographer, you will leave this class with new ideas about how to shoot outdoors with greater success.


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*ASMP is the American Society of Media Photographers, CAPIC is the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators, PDN is the Photo District News PhotoPlus Expo.