Seeing Things

Level: All Levels

Tuition: $95.00
Duration: 4-5 hours.

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Instructor: James Cook

Improve Your Creative Vision

Classic Cadillac and SunsetHave you noticed that some photographers show a consistent ability to turn ordinary scenes into exceptional images? It's due to their ability to see beyond the obvious that makes the difference.

Creating great images is a matter of seeing them in the first place.

Seeing Things is a non-technical workshop on how to enhance your creativity with a camera, in particular through improved thought and vision applied in advance of the shutter. This class teaches methods of observation for visually exploring and analyzing situations to make the best use of light and shadow, lines and angles, framing and timing.

We start in the classroom with a visual presentation and discussion of light, angles, lines and other elements that make the difference between good images and great images.

The workshop then moves outdoors, weather permitting, for disussion and shooting exercises in seeing and composing.

ALL types of cameras are welcome since this workshop is about vision and not about hardware. Although some assistance may be provided, this workshop is about seeing and composing images and is NOT intended to teach you how to operate your camera.

Participants Should Bring:
Camera with Battery and Memory Cards

Optional: Tripod