Online Portfolio Reviews

Instructor: James Cook

COST: One Hour: $95.00            

"Thank you Jim, for your approach, and style in showing me how to improve material that I already have.  I think you are terrific, and as a professional, give you the strongest endorsement.  You have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are a good teacher and coach."
Tom Barrat, Chicago

"I have made up a 'Jim Cook Checklist' and I hope it will help me both in the shooting and the production of my images. I don't think I have ever had such a good constructive critique and it really helps to have some guidelines to follow."
J Garrett

"The work that I presented for review consisted of scenic photographs as well as photographs of life among the mountainous people of Haiti. James was very helpful in making suggestions about composition, about the photojournalistic approach to story-telling and about capturing the 'decisive moment'. The time was most helpful and inspirational. I highly recommend him."
Larry Braak, Grand HAven, MI

No one is blinder to our own work than ourselves.

Having a trained eye look over our work and offer valid, constructive criticism is something all of us need in order to grow technically and creatively.

If you want flattery, show your images to your family. Neither they or your intended audience are likely to give you the feedback you need the most.

If you want honest and thoughtful feedback and suggestions, contact us. Jim has many years of experience in helping professionals and amateurs alike by reviewing a body of work.

Submit a link to your web site, or email a selection of images to be reviewed. Jim reviews your work and responds by your preference of phone and/or email.

Contact us directly for more info by email.

Allan A. Ryan, Harvard