Photographing People

Level: All Levels
Tuition $45.00
Duration: Approximately 3 hours.

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Instructor: James Cook

Photographs of family, friends and ourselves are some of our most irreplaceable items and are among the treasures most often passed down through generations. It's the spontaneous photos we take of each other and ourselves that really tell the stories of our lives and preserve memories.

Photographing People teaches you easy to use, low tech methods of greatly improving the photos you take of people, whether posed or catch-as-can.

This workshop includes discussion and examples of posed and spontaneous portraits. Emphasis is placed on how to make use of light under all kinds of conditions, increasing awareness of its direction, using shadows, and how to place a subject for best exposure. Jim also covers topics such as clothing choice, background, dealing with eyeglasses, or difficult subjects such as cranky folks or fidgety kids. The class also includes tips on profiles, silhouettes and self-portraits.

This mostly non-technical class includes discussion of basic and common camera settings and their effects, but is not intended to teach how to operate a specific camera.