Beyond the Basics of Digital Photography

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Tuition: $95.00
Duration: 4-5 hours

Classroom and Field Trip

Schedules & Registration

Instructor: James Cook

SS Badger Sails past Ludington Lighhouse Join Jim for a hands on digital photography class to help you develop the knowledge, habits and best practices to improve your results and enjoyment of your Digital SLR.

In this workshop we run through a short review of the controls that a DSLR camera provides for us to manage exposure and focus. The classroom discussion includes composition, point of view, natural light, flash and light color and a pre-shoot checklist.

The workshop commences with a field trip; weather permitting. In this hands on session, Jim takes participants through a series of exercises, applying combinations of settings to observe and understand the resulting effects through trial and error.

For this workshop you should already know how to change the aperture and shutter speeds on your DSLR camera.

Be prepared to have fun and to leave inspired!

Participants Should Bring:
Digital SLR Camera and Camera Manual
Camera Power Supply and Battery
Memory Cards

Suggested: Tripod