Custom Workshops/Personal Tutoring

Instructor: James Cook

COST: Three Hour Session: $240.00               GIFT CERTIFICATE PURCHASE

"Visiting Jim in Saugatuck is a great chance to improve the way that you work and think. I found it very inspirational to be guided through Saugatuck on a personal one day photo-workshop."
Andreas Keuchel, Boenen, Germany'

"I've been aware of Jim and his involvement with the photography business for twenty years. There is no one out there that understands it better. Spending time with him in the idyllic setting of Saugatuck was well worthwhile."
Michael Lichter, Boulder, Colorado

"Thank you Jim, for your approach, and style in showing me how to improve material that I already have.  I think you are terrific, and as a professional, give you the strongest endorsement.  You have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are a good teacher and coach."
Tom Barrat, Chicago

In a one-on-one tutoring session Jim Cook understood my level of experience and added to my knowledge. Jim respond to my work as an educated and articulate viewer and expert photographer. He tuned-in to my artistic intent and used language and concepts that I understood. He saw my blind spots and helped me address them easily and productively.
Dan McGavin, Delray Beach, Florida

"We absolutely had a wonderful time and our lesson was the highlight of our vacation. He was kind, but honest, about the aspects that worked in our photographs and the techniques we needed to work on. He explained photography in a way that was easy to understand and fit our personal goals. We can't wait to take another lesson with Jim!"
Jessica Fuentes, Lansing, Michigan

Personal Tutoring has quickly become a popular choice in our curriculum. Whether you're a novice, an ambitious and advancing amateur, or an established pro interested in expanding technical and artistic skills, James Cook's guidance and inspiration helps you move past obstacles to achieving your photographic ambitions. Few professional photographers have as much expertise to share about photography and the photography business.

Jim offers private tutoring on a year round basis. Sessions are tailored specifically to your experience and desires. Sessions can be oriented to learning the functions of your camera, portfolio reviews, shooting exercises or any combination that fits your desires.

The session contains extensive feedback and instruction and/or an actual field trip (see Walk-Arounds) where Jim assists with on-the-spot guidance regarding observation, light and composition, as well as utilizing the technical controls of the camera.

Jim likes to prepare for each private session in advance with a review of some of your work. "I like to learn what I can about a participant's skill level and technique, so it's helpful for me to see what they're doing."

Following personal sessions, you're encouraged to follow up with lingering questions or send a few images for feedback. 

The fee is $240 for a three hour session, which is about as long as most people can productively absorb information. Full days and multiple days are also available and can easily be arranged. And, there is no extra charge for a second participant, friend or family member to join the session.

Contact us for information on custom classes for larger groups.

Look over the Saugatuck Photographic Workshops' list of classes to get some ideas and identify some areas of particular interest, drawing up a list of topics; basic camera operations, lighting, creative vision, software, portfolios or even building a photographic business. Tell us about your desires. Jim will respond promptly and thoughtfully about how he may help you achieve your goals.

Many folks have purchased a session for a loved one or favorite photographer as a thoughtful, unique and appreciated gift! Gift certificates are available.

Don't be shy about asking. Contact us directly by email. Tell us about your desires. We'll respond promptly and thoughtfully about how we may help you achieve your goals.