Business Consultations

Instructor: James Cook

It's one thing to be a skilled photographer. It's something else to turn that skill into a business.

Whether in person, over the phone or the Presenter, James Cook can provide a great amount of help and inspiration in doing just that. For years, Jim was well known as one of Denver's most successful photographers, shooting for major magazines, corporate reports, and national advertisements. His understanding in dealing with people and business enabled him to make it a financially viable endeavor and lead to recognition among professional photographers throughout the world.

Jim served multiple terms on the national board of directors for the American Society of Media Photographers, including two terms as the secretary of the society. While there he co-authored a number of publications on the business of photography and was often quoted in others. Jim was the major force behind one of the most successful software products for commercial photography in handling marketing, licensing, pricing and invoicing. Photographers worldwide make use of the results on a daily basis.

As with your images, the difference really is in the details. Whether it's a general review of your photo business or a detailed discussion of specific aspects, Jim can provide the advice and ideas to get you to the point of walking the walk and talking the talk of being a professional.

Professional photographers have already come from across the country, to Saugatuck, to relax and to spend time with Jim. While in New York, a German photographer found the "side-trip" worthwhile.

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